[#10] Our standard, GINA.


Sellenatela's classic boots "GINA" first appeared as shoes in the 2012AW collection.

At first glance, it looks simple, but the design adds an edge with a change in the upper and an impressive zipper pull, leaving a rugged design with a protruding outsole and thick heel. Also, it has a reputation for its comfort that does not make you feel the height of the 8 cm heel, and it is a representative shoe of Sellenatela that is still loved by many people even after 7 years since its introduction.

Before GINA arrived at this design, there were twists and turns that I can talk about now.

Shoe design that cannot be achieved with superficial design alone

The heel is high and thick stacked heel, and the toe is a classic round toe like a work boot. As designer Enomoto drew many stencils based on his image, he began to feel that a simple design would not be interesting.

A simple design is boring, so I came up with a dynamic design with a vertical cut in the front of the upper.


Enomoto is stunned when he sees the finished rough sample. By making vertical cuts in the design, the boots spread out like lanterns every time you move your feet. The knowledge necessary for shoe design, such as not only how shoes are made and how they are made, but also how the movement of the human foot and the skeleton when worn affects the appearance of shoes, is shallow, and the depth of the act of shoe design. It was a painful moment.

After that, we reworked the design again, and without sacrificing comfort and ease of walking even with high heels, we created a design that makes women's legs look beautiful without being too elegant. The current GINA design is the result of consciously fine-tuning the sample over and over again.

The upper is simple yet beautiful, with a long zipper pull that adds an eye-catching effect, a rugged bottom, and a thick, high heel.

GINA is one of Sellenatela's representative items, with an eternal design that is unaffected by trends and goes with any style.

It has been 7 years since we started selling GINA, and we are very happy that there are many people who have been wearing GINA for many years while maintaining it.


A pair to enjoy the aging unique to leather

Like the GINA [BLACK] that is currently on sale, boots that use tannin tanned smooth leather fit each foot as they are worn, and the taste develops.


The left one in the photo is new. The one on the right has been worn for 2 years.

Grow the leather while caring for it with cream. Like a partner who walks with you, we would like you to wear them while enjoying the changes over time.

Here you can learn about the properties of leather and how to take care of it.

Also, if you have any questions about our recommended creams or care products, feel free to contact us.

Mode leather boots that can be worn on rainy days

GINA [BLACK RAIN], which started pre-ordering today, will appear in the 2015AW collection. The designer, Enomoto himself, was having trouble finding shoes to wear on rainy days.

In addition, the back zipper pull, which was a discreet metallic color in GINA [BLACK], is now white enamel. By contrasting with the black upper, it creates a fashionable atmosphere that makes you feel sharp even on rainy days. This is a popular pair of shoes that runs out of size as soon as it arrives.


Even now, in its 8th year, the classic GINA boots are loved without being influenced by trends. I hope that it will continue to support the daily lives of many people.