Shoes have different weak points and handling methods depending on the material. In order to use your favorite pair of shoes for as long as possible, we recommend care that matches the material.


Weak point of leather

not good at water

If the leather gets wet with water, it will cause shrinkage, hardening, and mold. Avoid wearing in rain or snow to preserve the quality of the leather. In the unlikely event that it gets wet, pat it with a dry towel to remove moisture, dry it in the shade, and then apply maintenance cream.

Color fading and fluffing

Leather is a material that is difficult to dye and is prone to discoloration. Please note that the color may transfer to light colored socks or clothing due to friction.

Raised materials such as suede and nubuck tend to have fluff on clothes and are difficult to remove. Be careful when combining with non-slip materials such as corduroy or velor.

Beware of light

Please note that prolonged exposure to sunlight or fluorescent light may cause fading and discoloration.

dislike heat

Do not dry with heaters, dryers, irons, etc. It may harden or shrink.

Care instructions

Outer leather (smooth leather)

First, remove dust and dirt with a dry cloth or brush. For spot stains, use a leather eraser or stain remover.

After the dirt is removed, replenish nutrients with shoe cream suitable for leather, wipe lightly with a soft cloth, and polish.

Brushed leather (suede, nubuck, etc.)

Frequent brushing is the key to longevity. Dust and dirt can easily get stuck in the hair, so be sure to brush along the grain of the hair after taking it off.

Also, use an eraser specifically designed for brushed leather to rub the dirty areas little by little to remove the dirt. If fluff adheres to clothing, remove fluff with a brush or sellotape. (If you wash the leather with fluff on it, the leather dye may transfer to your clothing.)

oiled leather

Remove dirt by brushing or dry wiping. Since it already contains enough oil, please use it as it is without using cream at first.

Once the oil has been removed and the surface of the leather has changed, use the special cream to clean it.


After cleaning the surface, use a soft cloth to apply an appropriate amount of enamel cream evenly to bring out the moist luster and charm of the enamel.

The enamel resin on the surface has the property of absorbing color, so please be careful not to leave it in close contact with other objects for a long time to avoid color transfer. Avoid storing in low temperatures as it may cause cracks. It is also vulnerable to humidity, so it is necessary to expose it to the wind from time to time to prevent stuffiness.

Please note that if the product is kept in close contact with the same material (plastic bag or resin processed product), the enamel resin may peel off or the luster may be lost.

glass leather

Wipe dry with a soft cloth after use. If the dirt cannot be removed by wiping with a dry cloth, wipe it with a damp cloth. If the dirt still cannot be removed, use a water-soluble cleaner or remover.

Glass leather, whose surface is coated with resin, is difficult for water and oil to permeate, so please use a cream suitable for glass leather instead of regular shoe cream.

Also, it is vulnerable to heat, so please do not put it in a place with high temperature or near fire. Since the surface is processed, it is a material that wrinkles easily, so after use, we recommend inserting a shoe tree or the like to smooth out the wrinkles.

Storage method

Remove dirt and dry in the shade to remove moisture before storing. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place away from light. Moisture causes mold and mildew.


Exotic leather such as python and crocodile is a delicate material, so please use special waterproof sprays and care creams to take care of it.

Care instructions

Exotic leather, like other leathers, does not like moisture. Avoid using it in bad weather as much as possible. In the unlikely event that it gets wet, immediately remove it by soaking it in a tissue or dry cloth, and then dry it in the shade.

Also, please be aware that direct sunlight or the heat of a dryer may cause discoloration, fading, or shrinkage of the leather.


Basically, the friction of brushing keeps the beauty. Brush the entire surface with a soft, fine-bristled horsehair brush to remove dirt and dust. Try to brush along the flow of the scales.

If dryness is seen, please take care of it with a special cream for reptile leather.

Storage method

Remove dirt and dry in the shade to remove moisture before storing. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place away from light. Moisture causes mold and mildew.


Fur such as mouton and fur is vulnerable to friction, and if it is rubbed, the hair will be damaged only in that part. It is very sensitive to heat, so be careful with heaters and cigarettes.

Also, if you apply cosmetics or perfume directly, the smell will remain and it will lose its luster and cause stains and yellowing. Please be careful.

Care instructions

Caring for the fur part

When you return from outside, pat it lightly to remove the dust. Wipe any conspicuous dirt with a well-wrung towel.

When you want to straighten the hair, please brush lightly so as not to damage the hair with static electricity. If the hair becomes frizzy, lightly mist it and brush it, then let it dry naturally.

If it gets wet due to rain, etc.

Wipe off the moisture well with a dry towel, etc., and dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place. Do not dry with a dryer as it may cause shrinkage.

Storage method

Remove dirt and dry in the shade to remove moisture before storing. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place away from light. Moisture causes mold and mildew.


Velveteen, velor, and velvet are all products with fuzz on the surface of the fabric, and are characterized by a soft touch and luster. Each material and manufacturing method is different, but please note that all are vulnerable to friction, and color may fade or transfer due to rubbing.

Care instructions

Use a soft brush to remove dust along the fur and align the fluff.

If the fluff becomes sloppy, use a steam iron from the back side to raise the pile. Please note that direct ironing may cause the hair to lie down or cause shine.

Fluff may come off due to friction while wearing. If it adheres to other clothing, etc., remove it with a dust removal brush.

If it gets wet due to rain, etc.

If it gets wet in the rain, the hair will lie down on that part, so immediately pat it with a dry cloth to absorb the water droplets.

About fabric embossing

Please note that if the fabric such as velveteen, velor, or velvet is embossed with a pattern, the pattern may fade due to scratches, friction, or moisture. Please note that the embossing is not permanent.

Storage method

Remove dirt and dry in the shade to remove moisture before storing. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place away from light. Moisture causes mold and mildew.