Created for the modern & independent women and shared stories with them.






Contemporary art, modernism architecture, mid-century furnitures, book cover designs and Nature.. The designer who has a background in graphic design get inspired things in her everyday life and creates shoes through inspirations she get. Sellenatela has a "collection line" which is graphical and organic, and it's the suggestions we would like to give to women who seek something different and cutting edge. Also, we have a "standard line" which we pursue universal beautifulness and it's the collection we would like women to wear regardless of fashion trends.

Not only we create shoes that support women in modern life but also we share stories of productions, inspirations of the designer, and things related to our brand because we believe those stories could encourage, entertain and give some fun moments to them.


榎本郁栄 / Ikue Enomoto


Studied graphic design in a universtiy in Tokyo and went to San friancisco to further study in 2005. Graduated from San Francisco State University with a master's in Industrial Art, and came back to Japan in 2010. Started working as a chief designer of Sellenatela in 2014.