What inspired the 19SS collection?

"STORIES" will tell you various stories related to Sellenatela. This time, I would like to talk about the 19SS collection , which will be available at the online shop from 2/5 (Tue.).


The season theme of the 19SS collection is "Artifacts in the Nature".

Around April of last year, when I was about to start creating the collection, in the mind of Sellenatela designer Enomoto, there was an image of a large building that existed alone in the great outdoors. One day while I was imagining its presence, I came across a book about Georgia O'Keeffe's house in New Mexico, USA.


Georgia O'Keeffe is one of America's leading female painters of the 20th century. At a time when avant-garde art was not yet well known, she was called the "mother of American modernism" for her abstract paintings of flowers and landscapes.

He has a unique sense of beauty, is not swayed by the world, and lives independently both mentally and financially. Even 30 years after his death, he is still popular as a cutting-edge style icon. increase.

Georgia O'keeffe

Georgia O'keeffe
From http://alovelybeing.com/journal/on-this-day-in-history-56003.html

Sellenatela designer Enomoto first encountered O'Keeffe's work in his early twenties while studying in the United States. The vivid flower paintings that I saw on postcards and calendars left an impression on me, and I had the impression that Americans were fond of O'Keeffe's work. It was only a few years ago that I became interested in the background and way of life that was born.

It all started with a photo of a room. Enomoto's image of Georgia O'Keeffe, a popular American writer, was different from the image Enomoto had of this space, which exuded a sense of quiet beauty, and made her interested in her life.


From https://artistshomes.org/site/georgia-o'keeffe-home-studio

Georgia O'Keeffe

Born in Wisconsin, USA in 1887. After studying at an art school, in his twenties he worked as a commercial artist and art teacher to earn a living and continue to create works. One day, O'Keeffe's work caught the attention of Alfred Stieglitz, a photographer who runs a gallery in New York, and he made his debut in the New York art scene. After that, O'Keeffe continued to participate in exhibitions, creating representative works such as a flower painting enlarged to fill the screen and a painting of a skyscraper in New York, and achieved success as an artist.

O'Keeffe and Stieglitz were attracted to each other not only as creative partners, and later married, but their time together as husband and wife was short-lived. One reason is that Stieglitz always wanted to gather people around him, while O'Keeffe loved solitude and silence and valued his time alone. For O'Keeffe, this difference in nature made the relationship between Stieglitz and the New York art scene difficult.

O'Keeffe, who has struggled behind the back of his glamorous success, such as conflicts with his loved ones and the entanglements of the art scene, seeks a true place where he can find peace of mind.

He fell in love with the nature of New Mexico, where he traveled to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, and acquired two houses that would serve as his final home.

Georgia O'Keeffe and Two Houses

O'Keeffe bought a house in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico in 1940 and a house in Abiquiu in 1945. The harsh nature of Ghost Ranch, with its sheer cliffs and multicolored soil, fascinated O'Keeffe and stirred his soul. And he creates many works that depict the beauty of nature. The conditions in Abiquiu were not as hostile as those in Ghost Ranch, and O'Keeffe was able to enjoy his own garden of vegetables and herbs that he had dreamed of.

By having these two houses, I was able to obtain both the fulfillment of my soul as a painter and the fulfillment of my life as a human being. Then, he repeatedly repairs and renovates the two houses to make them look the way he wants. This continued until O'Keeffe passed away at the age of 98.


Sellenatela designer Enomoto encountered the book "Georgia O'Keeffe and Two Houses" around the spring of last year when he started working on the 19SS collection. The image of "presence" and the life of O'Keeffe, which I have been interested in for several years, are connected, and I decided to create the 19SS collection with "Georgia O'Keeffe and Two Houses" as inspiration.

Inspired by O'Keeffe's Life

Through this book, Enomoto was strongly attracted to O'Keeffe's strength in creating an environment in which he could feel at ease, and his mental strength that did not give up until the last moment of his death. At a time when it was more difficult for women to lead their own lives than it is now, the figure of her honestly living what her heart wanted was very strong, beautiful, and truly a solitary existence.

We are creating the 19SS collection with the desire to express the positive energy of O'Keeffe's mental strength and vitality in this collection.

19SS COLLECTION “Artifacts in the Nature”

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19ss collection

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