last December This photobook published by Mr. Hamatsu was born out of a project to take photographs as if strolling through NEIGHBORHOOD, with two places as his homes: the foreign town where his friends live and the city of Tokyo, which he visits every year. Something. It is signed by Mr. Hamazu.

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A small town by the sea where my friend lives and a small town in the center of the city where I live

A feeling of familiarity that you feel by visiting year after year, and a brand new feeling that you can only see with a camera as a tool.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in my messy neighborhood, which was lined up with beautiful seaside towns that were picturesque from anywhere.

It is a double-sided cover design that can be seen from both sides. Please enjoy this book, which is like writing a letter to a friend.

Kazuki Hamatsu

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Author: Kazuki Hamatsu

Design: Dai Hiketa

Printing and binding: Fujiwara binding

Publication year: 2020

Binding: Hardcover

Tribute number: 96 pages

Size: 188 x 257mm

Language: Japanese and English

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