【#01】Introduction to Sellenatela

When deciding on the brand name, the word that came to my mind was "Sellenatela".

"Selena terra, selena terra..." When you chant it over and over again, the sound and tone of the words are like magic words.

Sellenatela was started in 2007 with the wish that it would be like a "charm" for everyone who came across this brand.

From Sellenatela's first collection.

It's been 10 years since Sellenatela started. Things may change as we get older, but what Sellenatela values ​​in making shoes will never change.

when you go out in the morning. When you go to see someone you love. When you take the first step to challenge something.

In the various stories that unfold every day, if only one Sellenatela shoe can color the important scene.

Live your own life without being caught up in anything. Walk your own story. I want to continue to be a presence that is close to all such women.

I continue to make shoes with this thought.

In this "STORIES", we will tell you various stories related to Sellenatela, such as the people and technology that support Sellenatela, and the source of inspiration that becomes the image source of shoe making. looking forward to.