Standard item GINA is back in stock!

short boots GINA

Sellenatela's standard item GINA is back in stock at the online shop!

The items that arrived this time are [BLACK RAIN GLASS], which uses the same Sellenatela original water-repellent glass leather used for NOA, and [CAMEL], which has a classic tannin-tanned texture.

Short boots GINA, black & camel


Sellenatela's original water-repellent glass leather is made with the cooperation of tanners and manufacturers in Himeji. Its high water repellency and durability have been very well received by NOA [BLACK RAIN]. This time, in limited quantities, the standard GINA boots representing Sellenatela are now available in a water-repellent glass leather type.

short boots GINA camel


CAMEL using tannin tanned cowhide, which has been a fan since its introduction four years ago. Tannin leather tanned using water-soluble ingredients derived from plants is characterized by its astringent color and texture. The taste will improve with age and use, and the fact that you can use cream to care for your shoes is another reason why they continue to be loved.