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About the book
A collection of various abstract images created by 5 artists using photography and photographic processes. Each artist employs a variety of approaches, such as images created experimentally with the chemicals and photographic paper used during development, and fragments of close-up images of the human body, nature, and cityscapes. It is a book that expresses.

Anthony Cairns
Tiane Doan na Champassak
Olivier Pin-Fat
Ester Vonplon
Daisuke Yokoyama

Designer's review

The first time I got this book was at a bookstore. The beauty of the abstract images in this book that I happened to pick up. I don't know if it was created intentionally or by chance, but I still remember that it was just beautiful, mysterious, sentimental, and I couldn't take my eyes off it. Without any prior knowledge of whose work it was, I was drawn into the work as I turned the pages. This book has a mysterious charm that makes you want to read it over and over again.

At the time of 2015, "AM Projects", which produced this book, was a multinational group of five artists, including Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokoyama, and this book was their second collection of works. That's right. It seems that he is no longer a member at the time, but he seems to be continuing his activities as an artist group called "AM Projects".

Instagram @amprojects.collective

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Publisher: ADAD BOOKS

Publication year: 2015

Binding: soft cover

Tribute number: 100 pages

Size: 220 x 270mm

Condition: Used, there is a faint crease on the back cover, contents are good

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