"unknown to known"
This winter, it snowed in Tokyo as well.
Excited by the unfamiliar snow, listening to the deep falling snow
When I touched the cold snow that piled up, I returned to my childhood and was in high spirits.
For me, "snow" was "extraordinary".

Meanwhile, the family decided to move to a town with deep snow.
I went to play right away, and my admiration for the snow country that I had visited before was a little different.
I started to feel a kind of familiarity with the snowy town, which became closer to me because of my family.
The range of emotions, the feeling of the heart going back and forth was very fresh.
In this collection, between the extraordinary and the ordinary that I felt this winter,
I wanted the theme to be between the unknown and the known.
In the title of the season theme "unknown to known"
It includes the meaning that what you did not know will become your own.
Ikuei Enomoto