[#15] Recommendation of SHOE CARE vol.2

Continuing from the previous article, " Recommendation for SHOE CARE vol.1 ", this time, we will introduce practical shoe care for each material that is often used for Sellenatela shoes. First, let's start with the basic shoe care method for leather that is relatively easy to handle, such as smooth leather.

− Basic care −

1. Brush/or dry the entire shoe

Brush the entire shoe with a shoe brush to remove dirt and dust. A flexible horsehair brush is recommended for brushing to remove dirt from leather shoes.
If you don't have a brush, use a dry cloth to remove dirt. If you don't have a rag (cloth for care), you can use scraps or clothes you no longer use, but please use a smooth and soft material so that the surface of the leather will not be damaged.

2. Remove dirt with a cleaner or stain remover

If there are stains that cannot be removed by brushing or wiping, use a leather cleaner or stain remover to remove the stains. If the material is not delicate, a type called leather lotion, which combines dirt-removing ingredients with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, is convenient.
In terms of women's skin care, it is like an all-in-one cosmetic that combines cleansing, lotion, and milky lotion. Recommended for busy modern people!

3. Moisturize and nourish

Take a small amount of the aforementioned leather lotion or cream puff for moisturizing and nourishing purposes on a waste cloth and apply it thinly. Depending on the compatibility between the leather and the cream, it may stain the leather, so be sure to test it on the inner part that is not conspicuous and if there is no problem, apply it so that it blends in with the entire surface.

4. Complementary colors

Apply a thin layer of color cream to areas where the color of the leather has faded due to rubbing. Complementary colors are like makeup for women. Please finish it so that the whole looks beautiful.

5. Brush/or dry the entire shoe

Apply the cream again by brushing or wiping with a dry cloth. For finishing, we recommend using a stiff pig bristle brush.
If you brush after applying color cream, the color of the cream may transfer to the brush. You can keep it clean by using different brushes (or waste cloths) for each color of leather, or for lighter and darker colors.

6. Apply a waterproof spray

We recommend using a waterproof spray before putting down your new shoes, but it's also important to use it at the end of care. (Excluding water-repellent glass leather)
There are two types of waterproof sprays, silicone and fluorine. For natural leather, fluorine is recommended because it is highly breathable and penetrates into the fibers. However, leather and waterproof spray are compatible, so be sure to use the one that matches the material.
It is said that waterproof sprays not only prevent moisture such as rain from penetrating, but also prevent dust and dirt from adhering. Use it at least once a month. Spraying a waterproof spray on the clean surface of the shoes to remove dirt, dust, old cream, etc. will be effective, so it is ideal to clean them once a month.


What is called smooth leather is the leather that has been processed to have a smooth surface. Sellenatela often uses smooth steer (adult), kip (medium) and calf (calf) leather.

[CARE INSTRUCTIONS] - Kip smooth leather edition like HELENA BLACK

smooth leather, kip leather, shoe care goods

Smooth leather with an even surface is easy to work with. Please follow the basic care instructions.

[CARE INSTRUCTIONS] - Calf smooth leather knit like KYLE CAMEL
Smooth leather, calf, shoe care goods

The calf used for KYLE is a delicate material that is made into leather using a plant-derived water-soluble ingredient called full tannin tanning.
In the case of delicate materials with delicate expressions, use a cream containing highly nutritious ingredients such as cedarwood oil, beeswax, and lanolin during basic care to restore luster and maintain a beautiful look. increase. Instead of just using a single leather lotion, we recommend using Supreme Cream or Delicate Cream.


Water-repellent leather is leather that has been treated with a water-repellent solvent during the tanning process to make it water-repellent. At Sellenatela, it is used for long-selling items NOA BLACK RAIN and GINA BLACK RAIN.

[CARE INSTRUCTIONS] - Water-repellent glass leather like NOA BLACK RAIN
Glass leather, shoe care goods

Sellenatela's original water-repellent leather has a glass-treated surface. After tanning, glass leather is attached to a glass plate, dried, and then coated with synthetic resin to give it a glossy finish.
Cleaning the water-repellent glass leather is easy!
Wipe off the dirt on the entire shoe with a dry cloth, and if the dirt is still attached, use a water-soluble stain remover to remove the dirt.
Avoid brushing hard or using cleaners containing organic solvents to keep the look of the glass leather clean. It is water repellent, so you don't need a waterproof spray.


Suede is a type of leather that has been finely brushed with sandpaper on the back side of the leather.
There are many small sizes such as calf (calf leather), pig (pig leather), sheep (sheep leather) and goat (goat leather). I use it often.

[Cleaning method] - Sheep silky edition like LOU LOU PURPLE
suede leather, shoe care goods

The cleaning method for sheep silky is to remove dirt by brushing, and if there is still dirt that cannot be removed, use a suede cleaner brush to remove dirt.
Once the dirt has been removed, apply a nourishing and waterproofing spray specifically for suede, and use a pig bristle brush to smooth the fur. If you want to strengthen the waterproof effect, please apply the waterproof spray again at the end.


It is called embossed leather, which is embossed while applying heat with a press machine to create uneven patterns on the surface of the leather.
Sellenatela often uses python and crocodile embossed leather. Various types of leather such as cowhide and goat leather are used as the base material. The cleaning method may change depending on the type of substrate and surface processing method, so be sure to check the material.

[CARE INSTRUCTIONS] - Embossed goat leather like FREDA PINK PYTHON
Embossed leather, shoe care goods

First, remove dirt by brushing. If there is dirt that cannot be removed by brushing, remove the dirt with a water-soluble stain remover, then moisturize and nourish.
If you apply a cream with a lot of oil or wax, it will not spread well and the cream may accumulate in the embossed grooves, so we recommend using a jelly-like delicate cream with a high water content.
After applying the delicate cream to the entire surface, brush with a horsehair brush to remove any remaining cream in the grooves. Finally, apply a waterproof spray and you're done!


Sellenatela sometimes uses fabric instead of leather, depending on the design.
Unlike leather, it is a material that cannot be cleaned with cleaners or creams, so it is most important to protect it from dirt.

[Cleaning method] - SHANNON fabric
fabrics, shoe care goods

For shoes that are made of fabric, brush them with a fabric brush to remove dirt frequently, and periodically apply a waterproof spray that can also be used on fabric to prevent dirt from adhering to the shoes.
For example, in the case of stretch boots "SHANNON", leather and fabric are combined, so the fabric part is cared for in this way. If there is dirt that cannot be removed, we recommend sending it for cleaning.

− Finally −

How did you like the Shoe Care Practical Edition introduced for each material that is often used in Sellenatela?
The shoe care method changes depending on the materials used in the shoes and the condition of the shoes. The important thing is to keep an eye on it on a regular basis and give it the care it needs. Please feel free to contact us if you do not know how to take care of your shoes.
We hope that Sellenatela's "Recommendation for SHOE CARE" will give you a hint to use your shoes for a long time.