The 19AW collection is currently being developed at each store and online shop.
This season's theme, "REVOLUTION," was inspired by the furniture design and book binding design of the Art Deco era that designer Enomoto encountered at a certain exhibition.

In this STORIES, we will introduce the work that was the source of inspiration for the 19AW collection along with the new shoes.

Inspiration for the 19AW collection

The creation of this collection began with the exhibition "Exotic x Modern Art Deco and a Perspective on Foreign Lands" held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, which Enomoto visited last October.

This exhibition focused on how the culture and art of non-European countries influenced Art Deco, and introduced the influence from Africa and Asia in particular along with the works.


This exhibition presents a different perspective from the Art Deco image that Enomoto has drawn so far. The French designer Pierre-Emile Legrain was particularly intriguing.

Legrand was a furniture and bookbinding designer representing the Art Deco of the early 1920s. As a craftsman and a designer, he pursues rare and new materials and combinations of them.In furniture design, in addition to wood, leather, ivory, gold leaf, silver-plated glass, etc., and in bookbinding, leather is used entirely for geometric design. announced a lot.


His works were particularly influenced by the French colonies of North and West Africa at the time, and were exotic and modern, fusing African and French cultures.

Legrand's innovative designs fascinated people, and it is said that he had many customers, especially in the fashion industry.

Shoes representing the 19AW collection



The mule CHARLIE incorporates the linear decorative beauty that is characteristic of Art Deco into its design.

The upper part is produced by tying each horizontal leather strap to a single vertical leather strap. All the work is done by hand by craftsmen, and it is characterized by soft comfort because it does not use the core material that is usually put in to mold the toe.


The ends of the straps that hang under the insole are trimmed with tape and reinforced so that the straps do not come off when worn. This item is highly recommended by designer Enomoto, realized through the skill and know-how of craftsmen.



Pierre-Emile Legrand was influenced by African culture. The multi-colored faux fur that Enomoto encountered during the production of the 19AW collection overlapped with the image of "Africa" ​​and incorporated it into MATILDA 's design.


Orange, green, brown, yellow, white, a vivid and vibrant color combination. An iconic pair with animal-like loveliness, featuring unique multi-colored fur.



Straight lines and geometry. ELLY was born from an encounter with fabrics that make you feel the characteristics of Art Deco. This fabric was a perfect fit for the classic modern heeled loafers that Enomoto envisioned during the creation of the collection. In order to create a unique look, we combined calfskin of the same color instead of making the entire piece entirely out of fabric.

A cushion is added to the heel part that has been switched to give it a three-dimensional effect, making it a more structured design. It also has the advantage that the cushioning makes it feel better on your feet.

original metal parts

While creating the 19AW collection, I was inspired by designers who created modern furniture like Legrand, and wanted to create original parts to add to Sellenatela items as decorations.
The metal parts attached to the new loafers KYLE and ELLY were inspired by the structural designs of wire chairs and slat benches by Harry Bertoia, who was active as a sculptor and furniture designer in the 1950s.


The slatted bench is also used as a fitting bench at HALL by Sellenatela, and is Enomoto's favorite piece of furniture that is simple yet has a strong presence.

HALL by Sellenatela

A simple and stripped down design. A presence that hasn't changed over the years.
Sellenatela's original metal parts with such an image.


At the end…

Sellenatela designer Enomoto's shoemaking begins with delving into the works and things that inspire each time. By transmitting the process as a story, it will be an inspiration for those who touched it, a conversation starter, and I would appreciate it if you could enjoy it as a fashion item.