[#06] How the 18SS COLLECTION was made

The 18SS COLLECTION has started selling some products on the online shop.

Every season, Sellenatela manufactures products based on the seasonal theme decided by designer Enomoto. The theme of the season is often inspired by art and architecture, but who is the artist who was the source of inspiration for the 18SS COLLECTION?

Sellenatela STORIES #06 - Until the 18SS COLLECTION is made

Inspired by the work of David Hockney

The season theme of the 18SS COLLECTION is "Fitful Wind".

Designer Enomoto started working on the 18SS COLLECTION last spring.

David Hockney has long been one of Enomoto's favorite artists. One day when I was busy researching to decide on a theme for the season, I picked up his collection of works again and was suddenly attracted to one of his works.

David Hockney A Bigger Splash, 1967 - acrylic on canvas 96x96 in.

A Bigger Splash, 1967 – acrylic on canvas 96x96 in.
From http://www.davidhockney.co/works/paintings/60s

What was drawn there was the everyday scene that Hockney from England saw on the West Coast of the United States where he moved to.

A crisp breeze, piercing light, and vivid colors. A unique world that is not too sophisticated, a little surreal and a little spicy. People, cities, and nature all live freely.

David Hockney Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool 1964 - acrylic on canvas 36x48 in.

Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool 1964 - acrylic on canvas 36x48 in.
From http://www.davidhockney.co/works/paintings/60s

David Hockney Early Blossom, Woldgate 2009 - oil on canvas 36x72 in.

Early Blossom, Woldgate 2009 - oil on canvas 36x72 in.
From http://www.davidhockney.co/works/paintings/00s

The world that Hockney draws overlaps with Enomoto's memories of San Francisco, where he spent his school days--this is exactly the mood! The theme of the season was decided from where I had an epiphany.

The 18SS COLLECTION expresses Hockney's sense of freedom with challenging colors and shapes.

Sheer materials such as tulle and PVC, which are also trendy, are combined with different materials and used in vivid colors to create shoes with a twist and playfulness that are unique to Sellenatela.

All 4 new models.


Babouche "JULIETTA", which is also an icon item of this season, was inspired by the ridgeline drawn in Hockney's work. This design was born from the freehand lines drawn on the shoe tree.

Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio 1980 – acrylic on canvas 86x243 in.

Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio 1980 – acrylic on canvas 86x243 in.
From http://www.davidhockney.co/works/paintings/80s

The Spanish embroidered tulle used for SILVER and PINK is also impressive. This was inspired by an exotic floral pattern that I saw in the town of Okinawa, where I traveled, before finalizing the material.

This is the first sample of JULIETTA [PINK].

Lines are drawn on the sample with a silver pen, and fine adjustments are made repeatedly so that it will be beautiful when worn and have the design that Enomoto intended. At this point, I didn't wear Babouche to focus on the line design, so the heel design is different.

BLACK SILKY and CAMEL SILKY are simple and fit for any style. Available in 4 colors, PINK and SILVER, which will add spice to your outfit. The lightness that can be worn casually with the heel crushed is also attractive.


¥35,640 〜 ¥42,120


Inspired by the graphical lines often drawn in Hockney's works, the "REBECCA" sandals were designed with a sense of playfulness by combining transparent materials with different materials.

A Walk Around the Hotel Courtyard, Acatlan 1988 – oil on 2 canvases 72 x 240 in.
From http://www.davidhockney.co/works/paintings/80s

Many people think of dramatic hand-drawn illustrations when they think of shoe design drawings.

Enomoto, who has a background in graphic design, creates line drawings in illustrator based on handwritten roughs. While examining the balance of the design on the screen, we will consider coloring and color variations.


The impression of leather varies considerably depending on the type and finish, so it is important to scrutinize the actual materials, not just on the screen. Finally, there are 4 color variations.



*SILVER only Scheduled to arrive in early March


The strap sandal "LITA" was inspired by the wave pattern of the work that inspired me to decide "I'm going with David Hocnkey this season." The point is the PVC material that I fell in love with at first sight at the material store I visited for research.

LITA before being treated with PVC material.

The belt wrapped around the ankle expresses the swirling wind, but it is designed to be easy to wear and firmly fixed to the ankle.

The height is 7 cm, which is a little high chunky heel, but it is a stable sandal.



* Scheduled to arrive in early March


The most popular sandal "KELLY" in the 17SS COLLECTION has been updated for this season.

Decorated with lightly swaying feathers, the design makes you feel the movement of the "whimsical wind" that is the key to this season's design inspiration.



* Scheduled to arrive in late February. BLACK and BLACK HAIRCALF are continuation products from 17SS.

Enjoy the background story as well

In this way, a pair of shoes is created with inspiration from various things around us.

This time, we introduced the process of creating the 18SS COLLECTION, including inspiration sources and production flow.

We would appreciate it if you could enjoy not only one of the fashion items, but also the story that lives in the background of each pair.