2 days limited concept shop "Shoes and Vintage"

Sellenatela shoes and vintage

What will you do with your feet this autumn when the vintage fever is on the rise?

What if you want to buy a second-hand piece of clothing to match your new shoes? ?

Sellenatela will start the event "Shoes and ◯◯" that connects shoes and things around women.

For the first time to commemorate, we will open a concept shop for two days only in Omotesando with the theme of "different . "

During these two days, you can see the entire lineup of Sellenatela, from the 2017AW COLLECTION currently being developed to the standard line, as well as the vintage items that Yuki, the owner of unlike. Domestic and foreign brands to select line up all together. There is also a dried flower arrangement by the flower shop " figue " that enhances the vintage mood.

At the venue, the seasonal visuals of Sellenatela 2017AW taken by London-based photographer Chus Anton will be displayed, and you can purchase your favorite works.


Chus Anton Sellenatela 17AW collection visual

The lingering summer heat has subsided, and autumn is the season when it becomes fun to dress up. With coffee and drinks served by the barista in one hand, you can try out the shoes you are interested in, or look for vintage items that match your favorite pair...

All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you.

September 30 (Sat) and October 1 (Sun), 2017
6-14-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1F