BRAND PHILOSOPHY has been released.

Brand philosophy

This time, we have released the new brand concept of Sellenatela.
It has been 14 years since the founder, Moe Enomoto, launched Sellenatela, and 7 years have passed since the current designer, Ikuei Enomoto, took over the brand.
As a shoe brand since its founding, our philosophy remains unchanged: to continue to deliver shoes that enrich the feelings of those who wear them and add color to their daily lives.

By putting into new words the feelings that we have always held, even over various things, such as changes in the times and changes in the designer's life stage, we can return to our original intentions and grow as a better brand. To. With that in mind, we decided to revamp our brand philosophy this time.

We will continue to strive to deliver a little special pair that will color, support and walk together with the people who wear Sellenatela shoes. Thank you for your continued support. ⁠


Walk with Sellenatela,
on a special day, also the special ordinary days.

Cherish the original aesthetics and sense of values. ⁠
Shoes that color, support, and walk together with the wearer's feet. ⁠

Sellenatela aims for a slightly special pair that was not possible.
Making shoes that are close to you on special days and everyday life. ⁠
And not only the shoes themselves, but also enrich the days of the wearer,
It is important to continue to transmit stories that stimulate intellectual curiosity. ⁠