Anna Beam Solo Exhibition at Sellenatela

Anna Beam Solo Exhibition at Sellenatela

Anna Beam Solo Exhibition

4.20 (mon) - 5.13 (wed)

Starting today, the Sellenatela website is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Anna Beam, an artist based in London.

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the new coronavirus infection, instead of visiting HALL by Sellenatela, you can enjoy online viewing and online shopping at home.





The vases made by Anna Beam are cute just by being there as objects. Also worth noting is the work that was inspired by Sellenatela for this solo exhibition.

Please take a look at the playful Anna Beam works that will make your time at home a little more enjoyable.

– Anna Beam Solo Exhibition –
Artist Curation: KIAN
Flower Decoration: duft

Anna Beam

Anna Beam is a London-based artist who creates unique and playful ceramic works. We produce all handmade works that add color to our daily lives, such as ceramic vases that make even living plants look like a part of the object, and mugs with pop colors.

Artist Instagram: @anna_beam__

In addition, as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the number of days that staff can work is limited, so shipping may take a little longer than usual. Please note.